Signature Pen

November 22, 2018

Signature Pen

In the purest jewelry tradition, DeLaCour, the renowned specialist in luxury watch making has decided to create a pen entirely set with stones.

In a world where technology has nearly replaced handwriting, this ballpoint pen revives the traditional art of writing and the pleasure of putting into ink on paper one’s most intimate thoughts and wildest dreams. Created in the image of the iconic ballpoint pen of our childhood, this writing instrument takes luxurious elegance to a whole new level with its beautiful stone-set surface.

Carefully crafted by master jewelers, each creation is a genius blend of the traditional expertise of skilled arti- sans and the performance of avant-garde tools that guarantees the highest level of quality. From the selection of the stones to the mounting, our jewelers invest their expertise into making each ballpoint pen a unique creation perfected by true technical know-how. Each creation is synonymous with performance. Dozens of hours of research and development go into creating this piece of sheer luxury.

This ballpoint pen is more than just a functional object. It is part of the tradition of “real time”, the time that one finds or decides to take specifically to handwri- te. Handwriting means taking one’s time and sharing the belief that writing is a mirror to one’s soul.

This ballpoint pen brings together the best know-how in design, jewelry and prestige writing. The pen’s body with its mounted stones is executed by famous high jewelry artisans.

With this new ballpoint pen, deLaCour reminds us that writing is an art, a view of the world, a carrier of a message.

Signature Pen

  • Material: White Gold
  • Gem Stones: 29.02 (White round diamond) / 1.40 (Princess diamond); Quality G/Vs
  • Size: 150mm x 17mm