February 11, 2016


The Saqra is a timepice inspired by chakras, the energy epicenter of the human body.

Far from stereotypes, the Saqra watch is a daring timepiece offering an audacious design. It’s a perfect balance between a circle’s purity and a square’s boldness.

The Saqra is a timepiece inspired by an exceptional masterpiece. deLaCour reaffirms its profound attachment to its watchmaking heritage, the brand’s permanent inspiration.

The Saqra is the newcomer of the series. Created in 2007, its finer casing (9.5mm) conveys a sober and elegant design leading to a fresh concept of harmony and discretion.

Unlike the brand’s statement chronographs, bold and incisive, the Saqra is distinguished by a unique and noticeable design, obviously associated with deLaCour, thanks to its recognizable original shape.

Built with 3 elements, neither round nor rectangular, the Saqra features an elongated shape and case back screws sophisticated enough to allow deLaCour to demonstrate its watchmaking mastery and know-how.

Refined, the Saqra is available in a matte titanium case highlighted by polished flanks.

On the elegant anthracite lacquer dial, the Roman numerals are replaced with sophisticated black trapezoidal-type appliques. A window positioned at 3 o’clock indicates the date.  Strafed circles on the bezel prompt the affiliation to delaCour. The crown is turbine-type.

The hands are luminescent in their extremities and allow easy reading of the time.

The movement of the Saqra is self-winding (DC 261).

No details of the movement’s components escape the rules of high-end watchmaking that requires a flawless mechanical quality. Thus all parts of the movement from the plate to the smallest screw are carefully assembled and fitted individually using traditional watchmaking techniques, those skills that are practiced daily at deLaCour.

The Saqra is waterproof up to 5 atmospheres and is embellished with a hand-stitched crocodile strap.

A clear statement and representation of delaCour, the Saqra’s design is strong, pure and powerful. Its formidable identity sets a new reference code in the field.

As customary at delaCour, the Saqra will be produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

The Saqra collection pays homage to tradition and watchmaking in its most timeless form. It combines purity, sophistication and elegance.

City Medium Love & Luck

January 28, 2016

City Medium Love & Luck

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for deLaCour to unveil a brand new model designed especially for those who are in love. This year, the brand is pleased to celebrate all lovers, with a limited edition of 8 timepieces destined to women.

Once again, deLaCour’s aesthetics expertise offers a beautiful and feminine self-winding mechanical watch.

This new model features a dial, majestically paved with 502 diamonds, a technique that highlights the fine craftsmanship of the setters at deLaCour. The dial, fragmented into 12 segments, carries a heart set with 81 rubies at 6 o’clock.

No less than 239 brilliants set on the steel case embellish the iconic delaCour elliptical silhouette.

The blue lance-shaped hands are luminescent in their extremities, thus allowing easy reading thanks to the contrast offered by the paved dial.

This timepiece is waterproof up to 3 atmospheres and is embellished with a hand-stitched crocodile strap.

In the background, the words “Love & Luck” are elegantly engraved, reminding us that love and luck are present at all times.

Concentrated beauty with refined finishes, a tribute to love and luck, the City Medium Love & Luck combines tradition with modernity, strength with tenderness, powerful architecture with soothing shapes, subtle geometry with perfect curves.

This timepiece is dedicated to those who appreciate the audacity of luck and aspire to glamorous love.

Reflect Tourbillon

December 15, 2015

Reflect Tourbillon

The new case for the Reflect Tourbillon is the latest creation of deLaCour watches. An incredible balance between avant-gardism and tradition, combining a strong character and a timeless design.

The concept of this new shape is based on the design principles and know-how of the iconic elliptical-shape of this case created by deLaCour. It preserves the elongated outlines of the case and the lugs which make the originality of the brand.

This model becomes more classical with its rectangular shape and softened corners.

This limited edition of 9 titanium pieces, appear to illuminate from within thanks to the corundum tubes and an opening on the left side of the case.

This Tourbillon was developed with strict specifications and the expertise of a recognized team of Swiss watch manufacturers; giving birth to a contemporary designed manufacture caliber. Its outstanding cylindrical construction, extremely complex in its realization, ensures a perfect visual harmony of this timepiece.

An exceptional piece is born with a chassis that appears to be weightless. The four rigid tubes that compose its structure expose masterfully the interior of the watch and thereby reveals the gear train in all its purity.

This new model demonstrates the expertise of deLaCour and features two new technical advances:

First, the delicate insertion of the cylinders, adjusted to a perfectly perpendicular axe structure performing as bridges, gives a maximum rigidity to the movement.

Then, the extra gloss lacquered movement plates reflecting like mirrors, tastefully reflect the light. This is a novelty in modern watchmaking, bringing transparency to the movement, while accentuating the effect of weightlessness.

The flank of this timepiece, like its plates, reflects the heart of the watch.

This Tourbillon movement features a manual winding and 95 hours power reserve. Its Superluminova skeleton triangular pointed hands allow easy reading of the hours and minutes.

A hand-stitched crocodile strap stylishly completes this timepiece.

In terms of contemporary watchmaking, this watch radically reinterprets the formal technical and aesthetic approach of a “Grande
Complication” timepiece.