deLaCour Genève 2017

January 15, 2017

deLaCour is happy to welcome you to discover his 2017 novelties.

From January 15th to 20th, 2017. 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

deLaCour Genève 2017

deLaCour Genève

Adhemar Fabri, 6 | 1201 – Geneva

For appointment, please contact: or by phone +41767741526

deLaCour supports 100 women in Hedge Funds

December 12, 2016

DeLaCour supports 100 women in Hedge Funds

On November 10th , The 8th Gala of the “100 women in hedge funds” was held at the Hotel Kempinksy.

Faithful to the association, the Genevan House has offered for the auction a timepiece of its Leap collection, namely a “Leap S” Steel & diamonds, the auction was conducted by Caroline Lang, Chairman of Sotheby’s Switzerland.

The result of the evening, has allowed to harvest 210.000-CHF for the Association “Solidarity Women” in Geneva.

City Medium Tourbillon

November 27, 2016

City Medium Tourbillon

deLaCour offers us a Haute Complication version for Women, the City M Tourbillon, a limited edition of only 3 watches.

Finely set with diamonds, this deLaCour watch with flying tourbillon, offers women the opportunity to enter the world of Haute Complication.

Its flying tourbillon, taken from the Tourbillon Reflect, devoid of upper deck, preserving the mechanical hand-wound movement, is the result of close collaboration between deLaCour and Master Swiss Watchmakers.

A manufacture caliber with contemporary design.

Its unusual cylindrical construction, extremely complex in its implementation, ensures a perfect visual harmony of the timepiece.

Placed in the iconic elliptical case of the brand, this tourbillon movement seems to be floating. The four rigid corundum columns, which make up its structure, release masterfully the interior space of the watch and reveal the gear train in all its purity.

The delicate insertion of these cylinders, fitting perfectly in a perpendicular axis structure, act as bridges and grant maximum rigidity to the movement.

City Medium Tourbillon

deLaCour has opted for a pure dial , leaving only the two baguette-shaped hands to read the time. No index or number has been added on this gem, allowing it to show its sparkling diamond dressing and the purity of its flying tourbillon.

The hand-wound timepiece has an autonomy of 95 hours, controllable through a discrete indicator positioned at 11 o’clock.

A hand-stitched crocodile strap completes the elegant dressing of this timepiece.

deLaCour has emerged during recent years as a watchmaking and jewelry brand. Boosted by the success of the City line, the creative spirit of the brand has worked to develop several lines of extraordinarily female models, strongly connoted by its vocation of creation.

deLaCour and Titanium

October 3, 2016
Saqra - Reflect Tourbillon

Saqra – Reflect Tourbillon

Longtime considered a rare material, reserved for elitist, titanium is now recognized for its many remarkable physical and mechanical properties, such as resistance to corrosion and erosion or its lightness.

Back in 2003 deLaCour introduced the Bichrono watch, entirely made of titanium.

Bichrono - City Episode

Bichrono – City Episode

This model, supersized, was awarded the maximum score for its manufacturing with this noble the magazine Montres in France.

Thus, the Geneva-based watchmaker extended the use of this material on different models reaching nowadays the total production of men watches in titanium or gold/titanium, granting its buyer, lightness and flexibility while wearing it.

It should be noted that deLaCour is currently one of the few watchmakers setting its timepieces on this extremely hard material.

Taming the titanium to let him bend to the will of creation of deLaCour, was an exercise in patience and skill that can only be achieved through rigorous work in our Swiss workshops.

Transform the hardness of titanium into a luxurious timepiece or jewel can only refer to an act of alchemy.

Although lightweight and hypoallergenic, titanium is not an obvious material for a Haute Horlogerie watch as demonstrated by deLaCour, recognized for its watchmaking and jewelery experience; to work such a material as titanium will increase the appeal of its iconic models.

It is a bet that the Geneva watch house has taken throughout its career, but also the will of the brand to offer a style that can appeal to all tastes.

City medium Tech 2 - Promess Reef Saver

City medium Tech 2 – Promess Reef Saver

City Umbra deLaCour

September 14, 2016

City Umbra

With its exclusive elliptical shape, and based on its longstanding jeweler expertise, deLaCour has developed its City model and gave birth to a new Haute Joaillerie timepiece in a limited edition of 8 pieces.

This chronograph gives rise to a subtle palette of magical colors, like that of a rainbow. Its originality is imposing and quirky. A colourful timepiece where all celestial shades meet in a spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink composition in exclusive colored sapphires.

An exceptional research work for stones and sizes is required for the realization of this piece of jewelery. Many sapphire stones are rejected in the selection process in order to obtain a perfect color homogeneity. Next comes the size, every single sapphire on this watch is cut in order to ensure that all fit together perfectly on this luminous timepiece.

In the best workshops, craftsmen bring the excellence of their know-how at the service of a more innovative creativity. Thus the Geneva Brand renews the major themes that constitute its identity.

The bezel and dial are set with round diamonds that catch the light amplifying the Glamour. In bright light, the colors shine and highlight the colourful sapphire stones which crown the watch.

City Umbra Detail

The City Umbra, is an easy watch to wear due to its titanium case making it a light wear for everyday.

Ave City Umbra, the City, the show is at the end of the wrist, it is adorned with high color clothes and good mood. It is a glimmering and joyful timepiece dedicated to mild days and sparkling nights of Glamour.

This watch evokes a sublime jewel, elegant and playful, it is the artistic blossoming that deLaCour dedicates to the lovers of fine watchmaking.