City Episode S Bronze, City Episode S Black

April 12, 2016

City Episode S Bronze, City Episode S Black

In addition to the City Episode S Blue launched in autumn 2015, deLaCour now launches the City Episode S Bronze and the City Episode S Black in a limited edition of 88 pieces.

These timepieces are available in bronze or titanium and feature the brand’s distinctive flanks and elliptical case, as well as the strafed bezel.

These models are presented in two versions. The City Episode S Bronze is made entirely of bronze featuring a titanium and crystal case back and the City Episode S Black is a solid titanium version featuring a carbon bezel.

The counters are perfectly positioned in the center of the dial. The hours are indicated at 6 o’clock, the minutes at 9 o’clock, the aggregated minutes at 12 o’clock, the power reserve is indicated at 4 o’clock, and finally the date is displayed at 3 o’clock.

Detail Episode S

Tipped with Superluminova, the openwork-hands integrate the dials perfectly. A red second-hand allows an easy reading of the seconds.

The exquisite beauty and charm offered by the City Episode S Bronze and S Black reside in the salient bronze and the flawless black featured on the dials.

Made with galvanized metal for the Black and Bronze, the dials are embellished with a sunray finish; the light gracefully dances on the surfaces and truly catches the eye.

These timepieces carry a DC 261 movement.

The City Episode S Bronze and S Black are waterproof up to 5 atmospheres and are available with a hand-stitched crocodile strap or a rubber strap.

By creating timepieces like the City Episode S Bronze and the City Episode S Black, deLaCour continues to demonstrate the brand’s knowhow through innovative and perfectly identifiable watches.

Like no other in the watch industry, these deLaCour watches are destined to dynamic men looking for an innovative and unusual time measuring instrument.

With its City Episode S collection deLaCour offers watches that are perfectly adapted to the urban, professional and active life style.

New City Medium Romano and City Cadet 1 Romano

March 8, 2016

City Romano

Created for the woman of today, the City Cadet 1 and City Medium are embellished with a new diamond setting in their center, allowing these jewelry timepieces have a stunning but discrete sparkle.

Both remain faithful to the curves and silhouette of their elliptical shape. Inspiring timeless purity, these watches combine passion and elegance. Their forms are rooted in an urban-chic environment destined to the active women of today.

The self-winding Calibers DC 261 and DC 251 equip each of these watches.
A tinted sapphire glass is positioned on the back of the watches, allowing a glimpse into the movement.

To complete the watches, an elegant hand-stitched crocodile strap is available in a various choice of colors.

Two versions are offered for these models; steel and gold with a mother of pearl or black dial.
A concentrate of refined aesthetic and finishes, the City Medium Romano as the City Cadet 1 Romano, combine tradition with modernity, strength with softness, subtle geometry with a perfect curve.

By creating these two models for women, deLaCour understands that a watch is not just an instrument destined to measure time but is also an object of beauty and of personal expression.

It goes without saying that every woman is unique as are each timepiece created by deLaCour. Not only does the brand manufacture original watches, innovative and atypical pieces that resemble no other, but it also provides the opportunity to customize each watch.

Every woman is different and deserves her very own timepiece, which will reflect her personal desires.


February 11, 2016


The Saqra is a timepice inspired by chakras, the energy epicenter of the human body.

Far from stereotypes, the Saqra watch is a daring timepiece offering an audacious design. It’s a perfect balance between a circle’s purity and a square’s boldness.

The Saqra is a timepiece inspired by an exceptional masterpiece. deLaCour reaffirms its profound attachment to its watchmaking heritage, the brand’s permanent inspiration.

The Saqra is the newcomer of the series. Created in 2007, its finer casing (9.5mm) conveys a sober and elegant design leading to a fresh concept of harmony and discretion.

Unlike the brand’s statement chronographs, bold and incisive, the Saqra is distinguished by a unique and noticeable design, obviously associated with deLaCour, thanks to its recognizable original shape.

Built with 3 elements, neither round nor rectangular, the Saqra features an elongated shape and case back screws sophisticated enough to allow deLaCour to demonstrate its watchmaking mastery and know-how.

Refined, the Saqra is available in a matte titanium case highlighted by polished flanks.

On the elegant anthracite lacquer dial, the Roman numerals are replaced with sophisticated black trapezoidal-type appliques. A window positioned at 3 o’clock indicates the date.  Strafed circles on the bezel prompt the affiliation to delaCour. The crown is turbine-type.

The hands are luminescent in their extremities and allow easy reading of the time.

The movement of the Saqra is self-winding (DC 261).

No details of the movement’s components escape the rules of high-end watchmaking that requires a flawless mechanical quality. Thus all parts of the movement from the plate to the smallest screw are carefully assembled and fitted individually using traditional watchmaking techniques, those skills that are practiced daily at deLaCour.

The Saqra is waterproof up to 5 atmospheres and is embellished with a hand-stitched crocodile strap.

A clear statement and representation of delaCour, the Saqra’s design is strong, pure and powerful. Its formidable identity sets a new reference code in the field.

As customary at delaCour, the Saqra will be produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

The Saqra collection pays homage to tradition and watchmaking in its most timeless form. It combines purity, sophistication and elegance.

City Medium Love & Luck

January 28, 2016

City Medium Love & Luck

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for deLaCour to unveil a brand new model designed especially for those who are in love. This year, the brand is pleased to celebrate all lovers, with a limited edition of 8 timepieces destined to women.

Once again, deLaCour’s aesthetics expertise offers a beautiful and feminine self-winding mechanical watch.

This new model features a dial, majestically paved with 502 diamonds, a technique that highlights the fine craftsmanship of the setters at deLaCour. The dial, fragmented into 12 segments, carries a heart set with 81 rubies at 6 o’clock.

No less than 239 brilliants set on the steel case embellish the iconic delaCour elliptical silhouette.

The blue lance-shaped hands are luminescent in their extremities, thus allowing easy reading thanks to the contrast offered by the paved dial.

This timepiece is waterproof up to 3 atmospheres and is embellished with a hand-stitched crocodile strap.

In the background, the words “Love & Luck” are elegantly engraved, reminding us that love and luck are present at all times.

Concentrated beauty with refined finishes, a tribute to love and luck, the City Medium Love & Luck combines tradition with modernity, strength with tenderness, powerful architecture with soothing shapes, subtle geometry with perfect curves.

This timepiece is dedicated to those who appreciate the audacity of luck and aspire to glamorous love.