deLaCour’s metallic watchstrap

June 6, 2017
Bichrono SII C

Bichrono SII C

A watchstrap remains an important choice in the purchase of a watch. It is an integral part of the aesthetics and design of a watch. Opting for a metallic watchstrap can radically change the style of a timepiece.

City Cadet 1 Romano - City Cadet 2

City Cadet 1 Romano – City Cadet 2

For its ladies styles, Leap S, City Cadet 1, and City Cadet 2, deLaCour offers a version that comes with a steelstrap. deLaCour offers men the same option of a steel watchstrap for the Bichrono men’s style, the Bichrono SII.

A metallic watchstrap confers to its wearer a dynamic and sporty look. The design and aesthetics of a metallic watchstrap allow for a smart casual or a casual look.

Leap S - City Medium Skull

Leap S – City Medium Skull

Our metal watchstrap is the perfect match to any outfit or jewelry colors.

Thanks to its horizontally laid grips, this deLaCour metallic watchstrap moves gently, offering an incomparable comfort around the wrist. It is complemented by a buckle with two strips that act a as a folding clasp.

Leap S

Leap S