deLaCour Clessidra

September 10, 2018

deLaCour Clessidra

deLaCour unveils the impressive extent of its jewlery-making know-how for the first time in its history: CLESSIDRA, a round-shaped dual timezone piece.

This model is further elevated by the extremely delicate work of the Genevese House’s master gem-setters. By reducing the functions of this timepiece to the strict necessary, the visual effect becomes uniquely stunning.

The Clessidra is the ultimate combination of design, know-how and exquisite Swiss watchmaking. A true reflection of previous deLacour jelwery collections, this delicate feminine watch is light and consists solely of diamonds.

While refined and feminine, Clessidra masters the notion of time more than ever:
The elapsed time is represented in the dial by a luxurious clepsydra where white diamonds glow like water drops. The future time is indicated in deLacour’s motto “Since Tomorrow” and “Individually Crafted”. And of course, the present time, or rather, the “present times”, those belonging to the space that separates the place where we are from the place where we would like to be; the East and the West that span the distance to come closer together, leaving just enough space for a thin line of white diamondsv.

The contrast between the snow diamond-studded dial and the white gold case, combined with the reflections bouncing off the free diamonds allows the light to create some astonishing optic effects.

This precious timepiece has a white gold case set with 19-carat round and oval diamonds. Its dial is snow set with 3.6-carat round diamonds, while in the center the free diamonds are scattered whimsically.

Facing each other in a semi circle are two dials that indicate the local time and the time in any other desired location.

The timepiece’s bracelet is made from hand-sewn crocodile leather with a white gold pin buckle. Clessidra features two quartz movements: DC221. This jewelry masterpiece will only be made in 8 specimens.

An ultimate marriage between the fine art of watchmaking and the unique shimmer of the precious stones, Clessdira brings together state of the art gold setting techniques. The white gold shines in its diamond-clad setting only to honor the lady who wears this timepiece with the most elegant of compliments.

deLaCour Clessidra dial