deLaCour and the Dial

April 3, 2017

City Cadet

For deLaCour, the dial is the face of the watch.

Manufacturing a dial is a full-fledged craft of art that requires great expertise as it owes to be of perfect harmony and excellent legibility.

Mastering the technique of pad printing and lacquering on various materials, such as mother-of-pearl, wood and leather deLaCour, the Geneva-based Maison, achieves the creation of relief dials of architectural appearance.

A 3D sensation for the intuitive reading of time.

City Medium Tech & Promes Diver

City Medium Tech & Promes Diver


Technical Dials

The three-dimensional tending dials perfectly reflect the harmony and personality of the Maison deLaCour; with their unique elliptical shape and their specific relief dials.

The technical dials allude to architectural construction, they are of plunging building.

The dials are often relying on baselines such as a honeycomb grid (City Chrono FB) along with flanges, carrying numerals ciphers or linear intertwined steel wires (Bichrono Tech).

The dials are graphically open-worked, allowing a glimpse on the automatic movement of high precision. Consequently the caliber is no longer hides, it flaunts itself.

However, the most impressive of these achievements lies in the structure of the flange, carrying ciphers, offering a ledge on the center, herewith giving an impression of it being floating in the void.

The different indicators of the dials seem encircled by small flanges, thus giving more relief to the dial and especially offering a greater legibility.

Some dials, such as the Bichrono Tech or the Saqra 2, are equipped with indexes manufactured to the hundredth of a millimeter, giving the illusion that these indexes are in weightlessness.

On the other hand, one of deLaCour’s specialties lies in the art of dial customization. It is a real palette of combinations offered by the Maison to its buyers, so that they can stand out from the regular series watch.

This ranges from the setting of initials generally surrounded by a trim of white gold, or lucky numbers in relief or even by symbols in relief fixed on the surface of the dial.

Reflect Tourbillon

Reflect Tourbillon




Stone set Dials

To decorate a haute joaillerie watch with precious stones and diamonds is not a simple final act intended to give more value to the object. In a jewel-watch, all the constructive details of the watch are conceived from the beginning according to the jewelers and the setters work.

The dial setting for deLaCour is therefore not a simple decoration, but is an integral part of the watch and dictates its shape as well as its functions.

It all starts with the selection of the gems. An great precision presides over this selection. The stones must not only be of the highest purity, but also perfectly match each other in terms of colors and, size, since, these stones and co-exist in tight rows in the constrained room of a dial. The slightest impurity or the slightest difference is perceived immediately and harms the beauty of the entire creation.

The importance of the dial is paramount at deLaCour, it accentuates the brand’s personality, strengthens the aesthetic appearance of the case and makes it an item that stands out from the series watch. It advocates the particular attitude of deLaCour with its atypical lines.

Thanks to its mastery of very rich craftmanship techniques, deLaCour has created a diversity of dials that are the strength of its creativity.

Always attentive to the creation as well as the aesthetics, deLaCour attaches great importance to a smooth legibility on its watches, focusing on the different functions that a timepiece offers to its acquirer.

Bitourbillon Dragon & City Cadet Tech "Croco Dial"

Bitourbillon Dragon & City Cadet Tech “Croco Dial”