Black is an inherent part of deLacour’s DNA.

June 29, 2018

deLaCour Black - Saqra

Since its very early days, the brand chose to present some of its models with black PVD coating.

When applied to the casing, the PVD finish offers more elegance and sturdiness, in addition to preserving the casing and protecting it from wear and tear.

The PVD used in combination with the mounted pieces lends the latters a more intense and attractive sheen.

Following the launch of its latest new models Saqra Urban and Reflect Skeleton, the Genevese house decided to complement its titanium models with a more resistant coating for these two models, the DLC.

The DLC penetrates the material at different thicknesses, which gives it the same properties as diamond. At the same time, DLC protects the casing from surface scratches.

DLC gives the casing more:

Sturdiness with the passing of time
Resistance to daily tear and wear
Exceptional sheen

More than just a surface treatment; this process is also used in Formula 1 engine cars for its unique properties.

deLaCour Black - Reflect