deLaCour, the art of miniature painting on mother-of-pearl dials

October 13, 2015

Painting Dials

Miniature painting on mother-of-pearl dials and various other techniques are part deLaCour’s reputation in terms of expertise and customization.

Highly creative, colorful and featuring various themes, the delaCour dials are mainly made of mother-of-pearl.

To satisfy the increasing demand and with proven excellence in the art of customization, delaCour provides a large selection of decoration possibilities such as animals, floral themes, coats of arms…

With a similar result to enameling, the technique used for lacquer painting is quite specific, however the final outcome has proven to be more resistant to shock and is applicable to all kinds of surfaces.

This technique is without risk of deforming the material on which the paint is applied and the quality of the final product is exceptional and unique. Thanks to the precious and exclusive collaboration of master craftsmen with delaCour, the brand offers timeless masterpieces of art.

Miniature painting on mother-of-pearl requires exceptional precision and expert hands. In order to produce a dial, the artist must work endless hours.

The first step is to work the subject into the elliptical dial, while taking into account where the hands will be later positioned. These technical constraints then require reconstruction of the subject in order to adapt it to the new bearings. Then, the artist draws the subject 4 to 5 times larger than the original for approval.

After validation, the subject is transferred onto the dial and then the production process can begin.

Knowing that miniature painting requires total concentration and countless hours of meticulous work under the magnifying glass, the artist must start with the most intricate details.

The study for the right shade is a constant challenge; the artist must identify the dominant color of every detail in the artwork. To prevent the mother-of-pearl from being transparent, the basic color of each element is evenly painted.

Several additional layers of incomparable delicate paint are applied; the final result is no thicker than a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Once the work is completed, a clear lacquer is gently applied on the entire surface of the dial. Once the dial has dried, it must be leveled to reach its final thickness. After being cleaned, the lacquer is then polished to give it an optimal shine.

The marking indicating where the hands must be positioned is pierced in the center of the dial. Then, when required the decals, appliques and precious stones are carefully placed.

Each miniature painting is tailor-made and unique.

By proposing miniature paintings on mother-of-pearl dials, deLaCour offers rare exquisite art and exceptional refinement.