Black is an inherent part of deLacour’s DNA.

June 29, 2018

deLaCour Black - Saqra

Since its very early days, the brand chose to present some of its models with black PVD coating.

When applied to the casing, the PVD finish offers more elegance and sturdiness, in addition to preserving the casing and protecting it from wear and tear.

The PVD used in combination with the mounted pieces lends the latters a more intense and attractive sheen.

Following the launch of its latest new models Saqra Urban and Reflect Skeleton, the Genevese house decided to complement its titanium models with a more resistant coating for these two models, the DLC.

The DLC penetrates the material at different thicknesses, which gives it the same properties as diamond. At the same time, DLC protects the casing from surface scratches.

DLC gives the casing more:

Sturdiness with the passing of time
Resistance to daily tear and wear
Exceptional sheen

More than just a surface treatment; this process is also used in Formula 1 engine cars for its unique properties.

deLaCour Black - Reflect

City Splash

May 30, 2018

City Splash

By creating this feminine model, deLaCour proves that a timepiece is not merely an instrument to measure the time, but rather an object of beauty and freedom of expression.

The City Splash is distinguished by its soft layers of precious stones (pink, blue, brown and green sapphires) starting at the center of its dial and rippling out to the edges where they seamlessly merge with the white dia- monds that adorn its gold case.

City Splash is an aesthetic masterpiece with a refined finishing. It combines tradition and modernity, strength and softness, subtle geometry and a perfect outline. This timepiece is a perpetuation of the Genevese House’s jewlery experience and its know-how in timepiece exterior.

City Splash has Lance –shaped hands and a self-winding movement (DC261), with a rose gold case and a hand-sewn crocodile bracelet in colors that perfectly match the dial.

City Splash is a limited edition of 22 pieces.

City Splash

Leap Passion

April 30, 2018

Leap Passion

Leap Passion is a piece of utmost elegance and a sophisticated look with subtle aesthetics. While maintaining its elliptical form, a deLaCour trademark, the Leap comes to life in a curvier shape.

This timepiece is the incarnation of the Genevese House’s trademarks: an elongated shape with a brand-specific case.

Leap Passion is the beautiful complement of its counterpart, Leap classic. It has an exquisitely generous casing through which the fine watchmaking
House showcases once again its jewelry expertise, and brings to life a real light show.

White diamonds line up the entire length of the case and seamlessly join the lugs, enhanced by a circle of diamonds around the dial.

In its center, pavé diamonds line the dial and are surrounded by three pear-sized precious stones (diamonds, citrines, perdiots) which combined together, create a unique visual and light effect.

Leap Passion has a shape that is unique and exclusive to deLaCour, and comes with a rose gold case (edition limited to 22 specimens) or a steel case (edition limited to 88 specimens).

Leap Passion has Lance –shaped hands and a quartz movement (DC225).

It is waterproof up to 5 atmospheres. Its exterior is finished with a handsewn crocodile bracelet.

deLaCour Summer Watches

July 3, 2017

delacour Summer Watches

From a relaxing day at the beach, to the leisurely pleasure of a sunny terrace, on to
the exciting glowing lights of the Club, to the quiet coziness of the cigar lounge, deLaCour offers you a timepiece for every possible summer setting. Choose from these
three models:

City Episode W: A timepiece of unmatched sophistication. In addition to its
basic version, it is also available with multicolor gemstone dial markers on a white
back ground.

City Episode W

Episode S Bleu: A timepiece with a particular charm owing to the captivating
blue color of its dial which, once in the sun, plays freely with the light that caresses
its surface ever so gently.

Episode S Bleu

Bichrono Rafaga: A double chronometer dual watch. An aggressive design embellished
with a bezel indented with circles. A unique sporty watch fit for all summer

Bichrono Rafaga

Promess Reef Saver: Behind its laid back appearance, this luxurious “diver” offers
precision and functionality. Its unidirectional bezel is imbedded in the dial, which
gives it a better protection and an improved light reflection when diving.

Promess Reef Saver

All these timepieces are equipped with a self-winding movement and are made from
titanium. They are all 5 ATM certified, except for the Reef Saver which is 50 ATM

The casing for all these watches is finished off with a natural rubber strap.

deLaCour’s metallic watchstrap

June 6, 2017
Bichrono SII C

Bichrono SII C

A watchstrap remains an important choice in the purchase of a watch. It is an integral part of the aesthetics and design of a watch. Opting for a metallic watchstrap can radically change the style of a timepiece.

City Cadet 1 Romano - City Cadet 2

City Cadet 1 Romano – City Cadet 2

For its ladies styles, Leap S, City Cadet 1, and City Cadet 2, deLaCour offers a version that comes with a steelstrap. deLaCour offers men the same option of a steel watchstrap for the Bichrono men’s style, the Bichrono SII.

A metallic watchstrap confers to its wearer a dynamic and sporty look. The design and aesthetics of a metallic watchstrap allow for a smart casual or a casual look.

Leap S - City Medium Skull

Leap S – City Medium Skull

Our metal watchstrap is the perfect match to any outfit or jewelry colors.

Thanks to its horizontally laid grips, this deLaCour metallic watchstrap moves gently, offering an incomparable comfort around the wrist. It is complemented by a buckle with two strips that act a as a folding clasp.

Leap S

Leap S